What causes a dirty pool

What causes a dirty pool?

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Dust from the wind, decomposing leaves and plant matter, and dirty feet all contribute to a dirty swimming pool. Rainwater also carries sediment and washes in from the side of the pool. Any body of water that is not constantly moving will have a gradual build-up of algae.

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Is a lighter pool cue better?

Answer: In general, a lighter cue will allow more control over finesse shots, and a heavier cue will allow more cue ball (CB) speed with less apparent stroke effort. A heavier cue might also be easier for some people to keep on line during the stroke, but this is a very individual thing.

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Does a bumper pool table have pockets?

Answer: Typically, bumper pool tables are smaller than a regulation pool table. The table has two pockets, placed opposite one another, located at the center of two of the rails. The surface of the table has the same cloth covering as a standard pool table. Two bumpers flank each pocket.

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How many wild cards in a dirty canasta?

Answer: * A Dirty or Mixed canasta must have 5 of the number as a minimum with 2 Wild Cards (2 and Jokers
Poker: A Joker can be wild, or can be a "bug", a limited form of wild card which can only be used to complete straights and flushes. War: In some variations, beats all other cards. Pitch: A point card in some variations. Jokers usually are marked as "High" and "Low", one outranking the other.
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Joker_(playing_card)
Joker (playing card) - Wikipedia
) and is indicated by closing it with a black card on top. * A Mixed or Dirty Canasta can NEVER have more than 2 Wild cards.

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Is a 7 pool table ok?

Answer: Ideal as a first home pool table, for casual play, or as a bonus for guests, the 7 foot pool table fits into most spaces easily. For serious players, you'll want a longer table. Go with a 7 foot pool table if you don't have enough space for a larger table.

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