How many gears are there in ets2

How many gears are there in ets2?

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It's actually 5 forward gears which are then split in half with what's called a splitter. Then there is a high range and a low range that when switched gives you another 4 forward gears which are then, again, split into high and low.

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Should i play ets2 on dx11 or opengl?

Answer: Should I launch with DirectX 11 or OpenGL? If your hardware is up to it (it is) you should always run DX11 mode. OpenGL is useful for people with GPUs that are unable to run DX11 since DX9 is no longer supported or for troubleshooting some mod/settings problems.

2024-02-08 05:38:33

Which is the best city to start ets2?

Answer: Berlin, Gdansk, Milano, Paris and Salzburg. Those will be the most productive. Any other city with four industries in will be decent too, but perhaps not as good as the five mentioned above.

2024-01-10 16:06:48

Is it worth buying your own truck in ets2?

Answer: Normally the jobs with your own truck are better paid than the "quick jobs". You have to look to the price per km. Only the short tours (max 2-5 km) are better paid (€/km), but there you only get little money.

2023-09-09 00:10:14

Is gears 4 60 fps?

Answer: The board changed on me and thought this was about Gears 5. Unfortunately gow4 does not run at 120fps on series x or else I would be playing it. 60fps is as fast as you'll get.

2023-07-13 03:24:07

Is the autobahn in ets2?

Answer: Only in parts. If you want to take up on mods, you can look into ProMods, they have a rebuilt German Autobahn.

2023-02-09 20:36:04
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