The loan company Vivus is one of the best known lenders in our country. It belongs to the 4finanse Group capital group, which grants loans in 17 countries around the world. It has been offering its product in Poland since 2012 and is constantly expanding its circle of clients.

Vivus offers a short-term loan for its customers, a short-term loan with a maximum repayment period of 30 days. The amount you can apply for depends on several factors, but the most important is the timely repayment of previous liabilities. And so when we apply for a loan in Vivus for the first time, we can apply for a maximum of PLN 3,000. If we pay off the debt on time, we can apply for much more, and the maximum limit we can borrow up to PLN 7,500. It is one of the highest amounts on the Polish market, which we can apply for by taking a short-term loan.

Certainly, the factor that makes many people bid for a vice in Vivus is the fact that it is one of the cheapest on the market, in addition, the procedure associated with borrowing money is not very complicated. First of all, we need to register in the Vivus database and choose the amount we are interested in. Before the company considers our application, we must confirm the given data by completing a verification transfer. For this purpose, we can make a regular bank transfer (the amount that should be transferred from our account to the Vivus account is 0.01 gr) or a quick transfer of Blue Media (in this case, we transfer 1 PLN). If the data on the transfer agrees with those we provided at the time of registration, our application will be processed and we will be informed by a text message or our email address. If the decision is positive, Vivus immediately transfers the requested money to our account. You can see that everything is simple and we can do all the formalities without leaving your home.


What else encourages customers to take advantage of the Vivus loan? Certainly the fact that there is no security here. The company does not require bills of exchange or guarantor, which is very important for many people. For sure, Vivus also “tempts” borrowers with the first free loan. This means that when we borrow money in this company for the first time and when we pay off the debt on time, we do not incur any costs due to the shortfall. We give away exactly as much as we borrowed.

However, people making an application for a voucher in Vivus must realize that the company checks its clients in the registers of the Credit Information Bureau. This means that if we have any other obligations or our previous obligations we have paid off with a delay, we will rather have to forget about the break, because the credit decision will be rather denied.


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